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But the Lithuanian girl bravely and patiently bore her suffering. It was her method of protesting against the regime for forbidding the worship of God in her own language.

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In the battle with the czarist authorities, women have been lively members—not as wives of kings and dukes, however as peasant women. During and after the period of serfdom it was the Lithuanian peasant women who did a lot to protect their historical language. Seated at her spinning wheel, the Lithuanian mom taught her kids to learn within the native language. She told them tales and legends in regards to the country’s nice previous when the land was free and highly effective. These legends survived, being passed on from generation to technology. The Lithuanian woman knew that she could be punished for this, but her love of her nation was stronger than her worry of punishment. The legendary assembly of Birutė and Kęstutis is fancifully portrayed by youngsters’s book illustrator Povilas Osmolskis.The character of Ona is characteristic of the everyday Lithuanian lady.

Throughout all the turbulent occasions o f Lithuanian history; the Lithuanian lady played an essential role and often assumed heavy burdens and responsibilities for the preservation of the nation’s identification and even its very existence. As queen, princess, noblewoman, she distinguished herself within the Lithuania o f Kings and Grand Dukes. Centuries later, through the national renaissance, even as a easy farmer’s spouse, she was seen asserting herself and serving to to pave the way in which for the restoration of Lithuania’s independence. When independence came, with contemporary vitality she shouldered new duties and earned for herself new laurels in every area o f nationwide life. Bulgaria is the eastern EU state with the subsequent highest proportion of girls in its cupboard, with seven women amongst its 19 ministers.

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The political maturity of the lady runs like an unbroken thread all through Lithuanian history. For their patriotic work many of those e-book carriers had been arrested and banished to Siberia. Among probably the most outstanding women who directed guide smuggling from Tilže was Morta Zaunius, who later helped to prepare the Lithuanian exhibit on the World’s Fair in Paris in 1901.

In many respects such stereotypes representation true, stunning Lithuanians, actually, within the many of the blonde. But amongst representatives of these individuals together with among those who take part in beauty contests there are also brunettes, girls with red hair. Light brown curls perfectly in tune with fair skin, slightly touched the Baltic solar and the ocean breeze, with blue or gray eyes. It should be noted that Lithuanian women very carefully deal with a make-up if it is present, then the natural, easy.

But there is a ardour of many ladies in Lithuania – an excellent, beautiful fragrance. Prior to the First World War, the nationwide political work of ladies was clandestine. They peasant women happened at Lotove- nai, in Šiauliai County. The women declared that they should have equal rights with men. Being topic to the same taxes, they argued, their rights must also be the identical.

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The conference, with Gabriele Petkevicius as chairman and Ona Pleiris-Puida as secretary, saw a need for a common women’s group. The meeting raised the question of ladies’s rights, advised that girls also arrange by career, concern themselves with education, and protest towards the federal government’s open sale of liquor. In 1908 two women’s organizations have been based—the Lithuanian Catholic Women’s Society in Kaunas and the Lithuanian Women’s Association in Vilnius. They Year o f the Lith u a n ia n Bo o k helped liberate political prisoners and arranged their escape abroad. They edited clandestine and public newspapers and wrote articles on women’s rights.

(Turn of the century photograph.)The Lithuanian girl was brave. When the Russian authorities ordered the church at Kražiai in 1893 shut down to prevent the folks from praying in Lithuanian, the ladies wouldn’t abandon this sanctuary. Thereupon the Russian gendarmes broke in among the worshipers and hacked them with their swords.

They additionally demanded Lithuanian language colleges, protested against unrestricted sale of liquor, and got here out in favor of a robust, nationwide women’s society. The reprisals were similar to those that took place after the 1831 and the 1863 revolts. Again many Lithuanian patriots had been banThe objective of the country’s first women’s group was the restoration of the Lithuanian State and securing of girls’s rights. ished to Siberia, whereas others managed to flee to western Europe and America. Among the emigrants to America had been young men fleeing from service in the Czar’s army. Lithuanian women despatched their sons overseas that they might escape doing military responsibility within the Caucasus, Turkestan, and Far Siberia. Because of attainable political reaction, the women had to formulate their calls for carefully.

A mother— but not merely a mom, she was a boon companion of her husband. She was by no means happy with solely the upkeep of the family. (The women in Lithuania had been having fun with full freedom and taking part in public actions since olden times.) Ona beloved honors, however she additionally knew the way to make sacrifices.